Sharon ManziniResearch Consultancy Director


Sharon is an entrepreneurial, multi-skilled professional, with over 18 years global experience working within the private and public sector as a management and development consultant, with a natural curiosity which led her to lean towards an insight based approach in all projects she embarks on, hence the tittle research consultancy. Sharon possess solid skills and knowledge in the fields of research and analysis, social development, policy analysis, strategy development, performance improvement, business process analysis and mapping, economic development and project/ programme management.

Having worked for global organisations in the UAE, South Africa and England she is quickly and effectively able to adapt to a new environment, gain a deeper understanding of customer’s issues to deliver bespoke solutions that not only resolve clients’ pains, but can also assist them create new opportunities through meeting unidentified and unmet needs in the market. She prefers a co-creative and collaborative approach to resolving her client’s pains, which ensures that they are empowered to effectively implement proposed solutions without external support.